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an inclusive school, where all children are encouraged to fulfil their potential. 

The PostDocs of Cambridge Society are committed to supporting the community, beyond postDocs, in Cambridge. PdOC is fund-raising for a community school who needs to adapt for learning at home.

During these unprecedented times, education institutions have learnt how to adapt and educate in ways they never have before.

Being in one of Cambridge's most deprived areas, the Fen Ditton Community Primary School manage a huge range of challenges faced by pupils and parents daily. With school only open for some year groups and some of those pupils, they are beginning to notice the barriers to the pupils learning far more now. 25% of the pupils have been identified as disadvantaged and receiving free school meals every day, but it needs to be noted that there are many more children receiving SEND support, have complex needs or they are at risk with their safeguarding.

The teachers have been working extremely hard, providing a fabulous online offer of learning through Google Classroom and are supporting pupils and families with food deliveries, mental health input, safeguarding issues and advice about parenting. However, their core value, and one of the best things that they can do for the students to enable them to lead a healthy successful life is through education.

The school have been contacting parents regularly and it is becoming increasingly clear how many of their families either don’t have an electronic device, besides a smart phone, or there are many siblings in the home, as well as some parents trying to work from home, with everyone trying to share just one device. 

The school estimates providing another 20 reliable devices for the young people in the school community, it would have a significant impact, not just on the pupils’ academic achievements, but also on the health and well-being of them as individuals but also for their families.

For a lot of these children being in school normally is a challenge every day as they lack the confidence, self-esteem and with gaps in their learning making it difficult for them to access learning. The longer these pupils are not accessing their learning will only exacerbate these concerns when they return to school. By taking away this electronic barrier to learning, and although any device, like a tablet, would make a significant difference, it would be even better if they had access to a laptop or chrome book in order to provide better opportunities to record and access their learning.

Donate using the button below if you are able to help these pupils - 100% of donations will go towards electronic devices for vulnerable school pupils. 



If you are unable to make a monetary donation but have a spare device to donate, please email