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Postdocs of Cambridge Society


The PdOC Essential Guide for New Postdocs

Browse through the PdOC new starters guide to see the wide range of resources available in Cambridge.

PdOC Essential Guide for New Postdocs (pdf) 

Other useful guides from PdOC are available in the 'PdOC Guides' section of this website:

PdOC Guides


The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPdA)

The OPdA was established in 2013 to look after the interests of the postdoc community.  The OPDA provides advice and assistance on working and living as a postdoc in Cambridge.


The Postdoc Centres

There are three Postdoc Centres

@ 16 Mill Lane

@ Eddington

@ Cambridge Biomedical Campus

These centres offer free meeting and seminar rooms for postdoctoral meetings or hot-desking. For example, the @16 Mill Lane has a board room, seating up to 16, a 40-seat seminar room and a 100sq m multi-purpose room. There is also a common room available with coffee, tea, computer facilities and journal/newspaper access. They also provide room for social events and professional meetings, which can be booked through OPdA.

Within these centres, you can find a range of helpful information and support to postdocs and their partners/families. A dedicated team of volunteers can provide information and point you in the right direction if you need any guidance.

The Postdoc Centres houses several groups, such as us - the PdOC Society, the Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge (EPOC), and the Newcomers and Visiting Scholars Society (NVS).


Careers Service

The University offers an excellent careers service which has recently become a lot more attuned to the needs of the postdoc community.  They offer a range of resources, including one-on-one career advice, guides on writing job applications, and various events and training opportunities.  There are dedicated postdoc careers advisers for each School of the University.  You need to register with the Careers Service to access the resources.


Personal and Professional Development

There are training and development opportunities for all staff, from those new to working at Cambridge to those who are more established on their career pathway.

The 'Researcher Development' programme include training in teaching, managing research projects, writing and in developing personal strengths in communicating and working with others.


Accommodation Service

The accommodation Service is a useful resource which has information on finding properties in Cambridge and temporary accommodation.  You will need to register on their site to search for both University owned accommodation and private rental accommodation.  The accommodation advisers are very knowledgeable and happy to help with all accommodation related queries. 


Newcomers and Visiting Scholars

Since the early 1960s, Newcomers and Visiting Scholars (NVS) have been helping newly arrived University of Cambridge members and University visitors, along with partners and families, to settle in and find out more about Cambridge.  NVS organise a calendar of activities for all ages and interests.



Vitae brings together all those with a stake in realising the potential of researchers. Vitae establishes partnerships to champion the needs of researchers and demonstrate their impact on economies and society. Together they develop policy and practice to effect real and lasting change. Vitae provides online information, advice and resources for higher education institutions and researchers on professional development and careers.


UK Research Staff Association (UKRSA)

UKRSA, in association with Vitae, aims to provide a collective voice for research staff across the UK, through building researcher communities and influencing policy.  Lots of useful resources around employability and career mobility.



European Network of Postdoctoral Associations (ENPA)

PdOC is a member of ENPA (The European Network of Postdoctoral Associations) formed in 2016. It brings together postdoctoral associations and individual postdoctoral scientists currently working in Europe.

See here for more information on ENPA and the survey they are conducting.