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Postdocs of Cambridge Society


PdOC is a member of The European Network of Postdoctoral Associations (ENPA) formed in 2016. It brings together postdoctoral associations and individual postdoctoral scientists currently working in Europe.

ENPA aims to:

1) Represent postdoctoral scientists working in Europe, regardless of their nationality;

2) Advocate for the improvement of current working and training conditions;

3) Advocate for better opportunities for career development and progression;

4) Describe, discuss and compare the organisation, objectives, and activities of existing post-doctoral associations/movements;

5) Describe, discuss and compare the integration and career perspectives of postdoctoral researchers and their opinions on science policies at the local and national level. This analysis is based on information we collect through surveys completed by the postdoctoral community;

6) Draft proposal of the best practices regarding the management of postdoctoral researchers to bring to the attention of decision makers.

ENPA's website

ENPA's email:

Twitter: @EnpaPostdoc

Current initiatives

European Postdoc Survey 2017 published: 'Postdoc X-ray in Europe 2017'

Who are the postdoctoral researchers in Europe and what are their career challenges?

Addressing the problem of dissatisfaction and loss of motivation amongst postdoctoral researchers requires increased knowledge about this growing community and the difficulties they face in their career. In order to fill this data gap in Europe, we, the European Network of Postdoctoral Associations (ENPA) implemented a European-wide survey on working conditions, productivity, institutional support and career outlooks of postdoctoral researchers. We have now published a comprehensive report (Postdoc X-ray in Europe 2017) with the survey findings, highlighting some concerning issues, including differences on career prospects, mobility, salaries, institutional support, access to funding and satisfaction with working conditions across European regions. We produce a set of recommendations to address these, and believe they can only be addressed by long term organisational, strategic and policy changes.

We hope our report will facilitate an informed and robust discussion of the challenges of postdoctoral researchers’ careers, and bring the conversations already happening at the national level to the European stage. The issues we highlight not only significantly impact the career progression of the individual researchers, but ultimately affect EU’s ability to be research competitive at a global scale, one of the aims of Horizon2020, the flagship funding framework for Research and Innovation in the EU.


(Last updated 28 January 2019)