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Focus on the North West Cambridge Development - Postdoc Accommodation Update


As construction work on the University's North West Cambridge Development continues, and an initial release of University 'Key Worker' accommodation is expected in July 2017, this blog post takes a closer look at how the North West Cambridge Development is progressing and what accommodation is available to postdocs.


The North West Cambridge Development

The construction of the North West Cambridge Development is divided into 8 distinct 'phases', as outlined in the site-wide phasing plan. Phase 1, which is currently underway, is concerned with the development of the initial site infrastructure and the construction of mixed use community facilities and accommodation. The final layout of the North West Cambridge site, following the completion of phase 8 can be found here.


The local centre at the heart of this development, named 'Eddington' after University Alumnus Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, includes the University of Cambridge Primary School (which opened in September 2015), the new Postdoc Centre (available for room bookings by postdocs from October 2017), a community centre, nursery, doctors’ surgery, supermarket, retail units, hotel, as well as sports pitches and public green space.


Postdoc Accommodation:

As part of phase one, 700 'key worker' homes are being developed for rent at a subsidized rate. These homes are the first instalment of a planned 1500 homes for University and College staff being developed on the North West Cambridge Development, in addition to 375 post-graduate homes and 450 market homes.

The 700 'key worker' homes, with discounted rent, are available for postdocs and other University and College staff that are eligible and who qualify for the subsidized rent. The monthly rent charge will not exceed the market value of the properties, which is currently based at £1000 for a 1-bedroom and £1250 for a 2-bedroom apartment.


For more information:

  • Further information on key worker eligibility and discounted accommodation is available here.
  • A clear guide to applying for accommodation on the North West Cambridge site, including eligibility, prioritisation and the application process, is available on the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPdA) website, here.
  • Applications are made through the University Accommodation Service website.
  • Frequently asked questions about the North West Cambridge Accommodation can be found here.


The accommodation available to rent by postdocs includes one bedroom apartments, for single people or couples. These consist of one double bedroom, an open plan dining/living room, and a bathroom. Two bedroom apartments are also available. These consist of one double bedroom, one single bedroom, an open plan dining/living room, and a bathroom. These are intended for couples and families with up to one child only.


What is the Accommodation Likely to Look Like?

To give potential tenants an idea of what the new accommodation will look like, photographs have been released of the exterior of the accommodation within Eddington. In addition, interior photographs have been released from a dummy arrangement of a typical apartment in one of the first lots of properties that are due to be ready in July (lot 8).


The location of lot 8 within Eddington and the North West Cambridge Development is shown in the picture on the right. For reference, the current Madingley Park & Ride is shown at the bottom of the picture, the M11 is shown on the left and Huntingdon Road runs along the top of the picture. Eddington is approximately a ten minute cycle ride from the city centre. An explanation of how the site facilities are divided into the 'lots' shown in this picture is available here.




Accommodation Photographs:


External views of the lot 8 accommodation:



Internal views showing the open plan dining/living room and the utility room:


The double and single bedrooms:


Finally, the bathroom:


For further information, contact the University Accommodation Service.


Text by Paul Bennett.

Pictures courtesy of Ruth Mann - Area Housing Manager (NW Cambridge) &