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Departmental Postdoc Committee Chairs' Network

DPCCN February 2015

The “Departmental Postdoc Committee Chairs' Network” is a joint initiative from the PdOC Society and Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.  

The network meets termly to:

  • provide a wide ranging, representative postdoc ‘voice’ to prioritise needs and contribute to the University wide strategy for postdocs.
  • share best practice, ideas and experiences between departments.
  • provide face to face advice, support, training for postdocs who are members of a departmental postdoc committee 
  • provide guidance and support for postdocs and departments who wish to set up a departmental postdoc committee
  • establish and engage in training opportunities for chairing and managing committees.

All chairs or representatives from Departmental postdoc committees / associations / societies are invited to join this network. If you are part of a Department postdoc committee and are not represented below please contact:


DPCCN Minutes and Papers

The DPCCN meets once per term to represent and explore the needs of the postdoc community.  Read the minutes of the termly DPCCN meeting and the papers produced by the network.


DPCCN Resources 

Cambridge guide on How to establish a Departmental Postdoc Committee

The UK Research Staff Association is a national group to provide a collective voice for research staff across the UK. UKRSA have written comprehensive guides on

  • Understanding research staff associations and their impact
  • Guide to research staff associations
  • How will getting involved with a research staff association benefit you?

You can download these directly from UKRSA . They are of high quality and are directly applicable to Departmental Postdoc Committees at Cambridge.


Network Membership

DPCCN Terms of Reference

RoleNameContact                                Information
Chair and PdOC representative

Tariq Masood

Tariq Masood

tm487 @

Jacek Mokrosinski

Jacek Mokrosinski

jm972 @


Katharina Greve

kg403 @


Robyn Veal

rjv33 @


Arts and Humanities

Department                  NameContact Information
Music Francesca Vella 

fv250 @

Faculty of Asian and

Middle Eastern Studies

Shai Heijmans sh827 @


Hjordis Becker-Lindenthal hb462 @


Humanities and Social Sciences

DepartmentNameContact Information
Archaeology and Anthropology Robyn Veal rjv33 @
Faculty of History

Charu Singh

Harriet Lyon

cs956 @

hkl30 @


Biological Sciences

DepartmentNameContact Information
Biochemistry Neil Hzechorzek
postdocs-committee @ 
Genetics postdoc-cttee @
GRASP Committee


Pathology Ben Skinner bms41 @
Physiology, Development and Neuroscience Andrea Dimitracopoulos pdn-postdoc-reps @
Plant Sciences Jeongmin Choi jc913 @

Debra Spencer

Kaili Clackson

ds356 @

kc496 @

Stem Cell Institute cscr-sci-postdocomm @
Veterinary Medicine


vetpdoc @
Zoology Vicky Sleight zoo-postdocs-committee @


Physical Sciences

DepartmentNameContact Information
Institute of Astronomy

Carlos Gonzalez-Fernandez

Giorgia Busso

astpdcom @

Materials Science Paul Coxon prc39 @


Paul Bennett

physics-researchers-committee @


Clinical School

DepartmentNameContact Information
Clinical School Postdoc Committee

Jacek Mokrosinski

jm972 @


Eric Rahrmann

Eric.rahrmann @

MRC Cancer Unit

Marco Sciacovelli 

 ms2122 @

Institute of Metabolic Science Jacek Mokrosinski jm972 @

Josh Kaggie

jk636 @


George Savulich

gjs46 @

Postdoc Neuroscience Network

George Savulich

gjs46 @



RoleNameContact Information
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Jason Brenker

jb2155 @

Computer Science and Technology Matt Danish cl-postdoc-forum @

Mark Ainslie

edpc-enquiries @


University Partner Institutes

RoleNameContact Information
Babraham Inst Clara Novo clara.novo @ 
EMBL-EBI Amelia Baud abaud @
Sanger Inst

Rebecca Gladstone 


rg9 @