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Postdocs of Cambridge Society


Update: With our now copious free time we looking to set up some (pencil and paper) RPGs online via Zoom, Table Top Simulator. If your interested in playing or running a game contact Michael Lush




It is difficult for GM's to find players and vice versa,

so we are looking to foster some RPG groups


GM's,  we can find you players, book rooms in Eddington,

Mill Lane, Downing College and Addenbrook's, (we would

be interested to know of other available rooms (especially

cool atmospheric ones to add a bit of extra flavour to a

session)). We can also offer wiki and web forum spaces so

you can document, and maybe even continue your sessions

on line.


Players, we can find you a game (and somewhere to play it!).


If you haven't played before, RPG's do have a deserved

reputation of requiring commitment, however that commitment

could be as little as one afternoon session a month, some

GM's run games that are easy to drop in and out of, others

may do story driven games, but could meet on a flexible

(Moodle driven) schedule.


If you are interested contact Michael Lush

(, phone 07533300766)