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Postdocs of Cambridge Society


The Postdoc Chairs' Network is a joint venture by Postdocs of Cambridge Society and Postdoc Academy.   


The network meets termly to:

  • provide a wide ranging, representative postdoc ‘voice’ to prioritise needs and contribute to the University wide strategy for postdocs.

  • share best practice, ideas and experiences between departments.

  • provide face to face advice, support, training for postdocs who are members of a departmental postdoc committee 

  • provide guidance and support for postdocs and departments who wish to set up a departmental postdoc committee

  • establish and engage in training opportunities for chairing and managing committees.

All departmental committee chairs or representatives are invited to join this network. If you are part of a department postdoc committee and are not represented below please contact:


Main objective

To support and enhance postdoctoral representation within departments and across the University. PCN’s overarching goal is to enable the postdoctoral researchers to be represented and to communicate their views on a range of issues related to their work experience, professional and personal development and wellbeing. 

Enhancing postdoctoral researchers’ representation through active, integrated Postdoc Committees structure benefits postdocs individually, their immediate workplace community as well as Departments, Institutes, Faculties, Schools and the University as a whole by: 

■ increasing engagement and effectiveness, improving wellbeing, stimulating creativity

■ facilitating communication between the postdoc community and department, 

■ providing representatives to sit on University, School and Departmental Committees, 

■ exploring the professional development needs of the local postdoc community, 

■ providing practical support for postdocs and creating networking opportunities

■ implementing Concordat principles and Athena Swan agenda. 




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