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Postdocs of Cambridge Society


At the inaugural meeting a list of 13 postdoc needs were identified and prioritised. In May 2016 a 14th need was added.

Each of the identified priorities are explored at termly PCN meetings and outcomes reported to relevant committees. 


  1. Postdocs have the opportunity and resources to achieve research excellence and recognition for contributions to their research community.
  2. Postdocs have support for their strategic career plan and progression; transition to becoming an independent researcher; progression within Cambridge.
  3. Postdocs have access to leadership development opportunities.
  4. Postdocs have access to teaching development opportunities.
  5. Postdocs are represented at a departmental and University level.
  6. Postdocs have access to appropriate and timely mentoring support, including postdocs on short term contracts.
  7. Postdocs have a meaningful, timely and regular professional review e.g. with PI or line manager.
  8. Postdocs have access to personal and professional development opportunities, including a centrally managed listing for all training opportunities.
  9. Postdocs are supported when moving to careers outside academia.
  10. Postdocs have networking opportunities (both professionally and socially).
  11. Postdocs have a timely induction and are welcomed to Cambridge, both at a University and departmental level.
  12. Postdocs receive 'alumni' benefits on leaving Cambridge.
  13. Postdocs have access to Collegiate Cambridge i.e. College affiliation.
  14. Postdocs have access to services and activities to enhance their well-being as well as identifying sources of family support.


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