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Postdocs of Cambridge Society



The next PCN meeting will take place on Wednesday 12th May 2021, 10:30.  hosted by PCN and facilitated by E&D, the session will be based on 'Improving the Experiences of Racially Minoritised Postdocs'


We'd like to invite you to this session to share ideas that
would improve the experiences of racially minoritised
postdocs at the University. We are holding an open discussion
to better understand the experiences of postdocs and to develop
specific actions for this group under the work of the University’s
Race Equality Charter and the institutional Research Culture
Action Plan.

The session is open to all postdocs, whether you
belong to a racially minoritised group, or wish to be an ally
in the fight against racism.

To sign-up, visit:,7HZ0,1OEQKW,VFPT,1