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Regent House Members class (iii) communication to postdocs August 2019

A significant change is occurring on 6 November 2019: 

Cambridge postdoctoral researchers who have been postdocs of the University for three+ years, continuously, will be added on the Roll of Regent House.  Please review the following note and attached list to see whether you qualify and your name is appropriately added.  If you believe you should be included on the Rolls and are not on this list, or for other queries, please email the address found in the cover note.

 Draft list of Regent House members class (iii)

 Cover note

The draft list, published 1 Oct 2019, is


For context, the Regent House is the University’s principal governing body, comprising several thousand members of the academic and senior administrative staff of the collegiate University. Charged with approving acts or decisions of the University, the Regent House plays a key role in University policy and decision-making, with members empowered to accept, reject or request amendments to University proposals, raise topics of concern for discussion by the University, and vote by ballot on key issues.

The changes to Regent House qualifying criteria for postdoctoral researchers means that all postdoctoral researchers (Grade 7 and above) with at least three years continuous service in one of more Regent House qualifying posts are eligible for inclusion on the Roll, regardless of whether or not Faculty membership is held. In practice this means that many postdocs will be included on the Roll for the first time whilst others who were previously on the Roll may not yet qualify and so be removed. The draft list is being circulated now so queries can be processed as early as possible and prior to the publication of the ‘official draft Roll’ in October.

The draft list includes the names of unestablished postdoctoral researchers (Grade 7+) who it is believed will qualify for Regent House membership in class (iii). Postdocs are asked to consult the explanatory covernote and draft list to see whether they believe they should qualify. If they think they have been omitted in error, please contact the email address in the covernote.

NB: Other research posts, e.g. Senior Research Associates, Principal Research Associates and Directors of Research will now qualify automatically for Regent House membership and so are not included in the list.

The official draft Roll of the Regent House will be published in the Reporter on 1 October 2019 and includes the names of all persons in all categories who it is believed should be on the final Roll on 6 November 2019. All potential members of the Regent House should check the official draft by the stated deadline.