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2019 PdOC Election and AGM

 2019 Annual General Meeting of the PdOC Society

6:15 pm Thursday 27th June

Top Floor Meeting Room, Grain and Hop Store, 69-76 Regent St, Cambridge, CB2 1AB





All postdocs from The University of Cambridge, Cambridge Colleges and University Partner Institutions are invited to attend the 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the PdOC Society. The purpose of the AGM is to report on the activities of the Society for the past year, discuss how PdOC should develop in the next year and elect a PdOC Society Committee for the year ahead (until June 2020).

The PdOC Society

The aims of the PdOC society are to:

  • Represent Postdocs from all Faculties, Schools and Departments at the University of Cambridge and University Partner Institutions (UPIs).

  • Facilitate communication and networking between Postdocs both within the Departments and across Faculties and the wider University community.

  • Provide information and support so that Postdocs can make the most of their time at Cambridge.

  • Create a social and intellectual network for Postdocs throughout the University.


The PdOC Society Constitution states the aims and membership of the PdOC society, explains how PdOC Society functions and elects Officers of the Society.


Invitation to all

The meeting is open to all Cambridge based postdocs and any other members of the University who are interested in the aims of the society. We would like as many postdocs as possible to attend to get the input from a wide cross section of the current postdoc community.


AGM Documents

Coming Soon 

  • PdOC 2018/2019 Annual Report 

  • Nominees for the 2019/2020 PdOC committee


How to stand for a PdOC committee position 

If you would like to stand for a committee role please complete the nomination form and return to the PdOC Society Secretary Nominations must be proposed and seconded by two other Cambridge postdocs. The new committee will hold their posts for a full year until June 2020 and would be expected to hold a position with the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Colleges or a University Partner Institution for the full year. Full details of the membership of the PdOC society can be found in the PdOC Society Constitution.


Nominations for Committee posts and other agenda items must be received by the PdOC Secretary.


Want to help out but don't want to join the committee

If you would like to help out with specific jobs e.g. organising an event, writing a postdoc guide etc. you do not have to join the committee. Each elected Officer manages a subcommittee and can 'co-opt' new members to this group for specific tasks. If you would like to help with a specific task please contact the relevant committee member. They would be very happy to have your help! Please come along to the AGM to meet the current committee and influence how PdOC will develop over the next year.


Committee roles and further information

The current 2018/2019 PdOC committee roles are as follows. Nominations are open for all positions but we have a particular need in the following positions marked with a *. A full role description is available here for each position. Please email Lori Turner (, Liz Simmonds and Hollie godden ( or the current role holder if you would like further information.



Current Holder




Lori Turner

president @

Vice President*

Josh Kaggie

vice-president @


Nataly Martynyuk

treasurer @

Membership Officer


membership @

Social and Networking Events Officer*

joint position

Panchali Kanvatirth


events @

Communications Officer

joint position

Paul Bennett

Chunendra Sahu

communications @

College Affiliations Officer 

Alexia Cardona

college-affiliations @

Researcher Development Officer

joint position

Charlie Morgan

Guillaume Nataf

researcher-development @

University Policy and Representation Officer

joint position

Ghina Halabi

Matias Acosta

representation @

Welfare Officer and Welfare Communications

joint position

Joanna Waldie

Laura Moreno-Lopez

welfare @

Equality and Diversity Officer



Committee Member without portfolio (maximum of 4)

Paul Coxon

Sarah Steimer

Marta Costa

Laura Fachal