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Extraordinary General Meeting 2017


Extraordinary General Meeting of the PdOC Society

6:00-6.30pm Thursday 19 January 2017

The Postdoc Centre @ 16 Mill lane



All postdocs from The University of Cambridge, Cambridge Colleges and University Partner Institutions are invited to attend an Extraordinary  General Meeting (EGM) of the PdOC Society. 

The primary purpose of the EGM is to adopt a resolution regarding the revised Graduate Union constitution. The background and reasoning to why the PdOC Committee proposes to do this is explained in this report.

 The secondary purpose of the EGM is to revise the constitution with some technical changes, detailed in this document.

Invitation to all

The meeting is open to all Cambridge based postdocs and any other members of the University who are interested in the aims of the society. 

Please register here if you are planning to attend the EGM.  This helps us with planning the logistics of the evening!

EGM Documents

Proposed Agenda 

Statement on the Graduate Union constitution

Report regarding the Graduate Union constitution

Constitution update proposal

Current Constitution

Proposed updated constitution