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There are several opportunities for teaching within the university, with some systems being more formal than others.  Informal teaching may be handled at a departmental level.  The most common form of teaching when discussing the matter is referred to as "supervising". Small group or one-on-one teaching in Cambridge is referred to as supervising.  This guide will be useful if you are interested in being a supervisor:

How to Supervise (pdf)


It is often not clear how to get involved with teaching, and what opportunities are available for postdocs in the University. PdOC asked Dr. Rob Wallach (Emeritus Senior Lecturer in the Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy and former Vice-Provost of King's College) to give a presentation to postdocs on this issue.

Presentation by Rob Wallach

Presentation by James Gazzard (Institute of Continuing Education)


Useful Links

If you teach within Cambridge, you may be able to apply for accreditation with the "Teaching Associate's Programme":

'Developing teaching and other academic skills' from the Careers Service (Careers Service or Raven login needed)

Courses for Effective Supervision of Undergraduates

Course for Supervising PhD students and Lecturing 

Institute of Continuing Education