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Postdocs of Cambridge Society

  • 20Sep

    Celebrate Postdoc Appreciation Week with PdOC and Pizza!


    We have a reservation for 16 people and will be meeting on Monday 20th September at 7 pm. The restaurant has a special offer with 2 Pizzas for £15, so make sure to join us!


  • 07Sep

    Join PdOC for 2 games of tenpin bowling with fellow postdocs.

  • 26Aug

    Join PdOC for a restaurant (and cocktails if you fancy!) night at Stolen and Liquor Loft. 


    We will be meeting at 18:30, Thursday 26th August - 18 places have been booked so please sign-up to secure yours. 


    Sign-up here


  • 21Aug

    PdOC Coffee Hour


    Join PdOC and fellow postdocs for a coffee in one of Cambridge's cafe's.


    We will be meeting at 14:00 on Saturday 21st August.


    Please sign-up so we can send you the location before that time.


  • 11Aug

    August is already upon us! Be sure to join the next PdOC pub night, Wednesday August 11th at 7pm.


    This will be the last chance to get together before the Annual General Meeting (AGM) the following evening, and mix and mingle with former, current, and prospective committee members.


  • 03Aug

    Join PdOC for a Restaurant Night with fellow postdocs.

    We have booked space at a vegan restaurant close to the train station on Tuesday 3rd August.

    Spaces are limited so please sign-up and we will email the location to attendees on Monday.


  • 15Jul

    Join PdOC for a pub night in Cambridge

  • 10Jul

    Join PdOC for a coffee and catch-up with fellow postdocs

  • 03Jul

    Join PdOC for coffee and catch-up with fellow postdocs

  • 19Jun

    Join PdOC for a coffee in Cambridge