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Postdocs of Cambridge Society


Entrepreneurial Guide



To ensure that postdocs meet the ever-increasing demand for leadership in academia and industry, PdOC, together with various other bodies of the University, is actively promoting and supporting postdocs interested in entrepreneurial activities through targeted events as well as further education. Below, you can find a non-exhaustive list of networks and bodies that might be of interest to you.


p2i Network

The Postdocs to Innovators (p2i) consortium was created in recognition of the increasing need to enhance postdoctoral researchers' entrepreneurial mindset and a key set of skills they can use to pursue careers that will be personally and professionally meaningful both within and outside of academia.

The current p2i partners, five leading Higher Education Institutes and two global enterprises, are all committed to improving the potential and mobility of postdocs to contribute to economic and social growth and expand European competitiveness.

Key highlights:

  • p2i Network app (Android / Apple) to gain business knowledge, access to expertise, learn from inspiring start-up journeys, expand your network,& general support for your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Current partners include University of Cambridge – UK, University of Innsbruck – Austria, Freie Universität Berlin – Germany, Université PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres) – France, University of Edinburgh – UK, Edinburgh Innovations – UK, British Petroleum – UK, and AstraZeneca.
  • The p2i: In Action programme to explore and learn about innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Impulse is a three-month programme about strong action learning and result-driven activities where participants bring their innovative ideas to the table. It acts as a learning vehicle, prioritising and developing, with a sharp focus on "high-potential" business cases.
  • Ignite is an intensive one-week training programme at Cambridge Judge Business School for aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate innovators to trial and prepare business ideas for the commercial environment.
  • i2i (Ideas to Innovation) is aimed at ambitious individuals looking to unlock their entrepreneurial and creative potential and consider the social and economic relevance of their research.


Cambridge Enterprise – A part of the University Enterprise Network (UEN)

Cambridge Enterprise is responsible for supporting the translation of University research to create globally leading economic and social impact.

Key highlights:


Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I/E) Cambridge

IE Cambridge is the official community hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge located online. This site can guide your journey whether you’re eager to learn more and get involved, have a great idea, want to start a venture, or are ready to grow your company.

Key highlight: