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Postdocs of Cambridge Society


Representation Opportunities

In addition to PdOC (click here to see available PdOC Management Committee positions), several University committees and working groups rely on having a member representing the postdoc community. PdOC works closely with PdA to advertise these positions and directly contributes to the selection process to ensure that the University committees and working groups are able to perform their tasks efficiently.

Below you can find a list of currently available representation opportunities for postdocs.

University Committee / Working Group Deadline & Application Requirement
Postdoc Focus Group on University Retirement Age Please apply via email The University is looking for postdocs representatives for a postdoc-centred focus group discussing the University's Retirement Policy and, among other aspects, its relevance for innovation in research and knowledge creation as well as its need to ensure inter-generational fairness and career progression. All interested postdocs, including senior postdocs or fellows, are welcome to apply.
Action Research on Research Culture Postdoc Advisory Group Expression of interest

We are putting together a post-doc advisory group to help shape our Cambridge- based research project, Action Research on Research Culture. The project is testing the efficacy of different proposals for improving research culture and we hope members of the post-doc advisory group will meet once per term to help steer our research design.