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Postdocs of Cambridge Society

  • 15Oct

    The first PdOC Games Night was deemed to be a success, and will be repeated due to popular demand!

  • 14Oct

    Tired of that British cuisine? Join us for some japanese food at U-Sushi!


    Time: Tuesday 14th October 6.30 pm

    Place: U-Sushi, 48 Burleigh St. Cambridge, CB1 1DJ (near Grafton center)


  • 09Oct

    Dear Postdocs from the south side of the city!

    Has your experiment not worked and you would like to forget about it?

    Has your experiment worked brilliantly and you would like to celebrate?

    Or are you just eager to meet some postdocs outside of your own lab?

  • 07Oct

    PdOC members and their friends are invited to a tasting of Belgian Beer!

    We will try 8 different beers, ranging from golden beers to lambic beers to dark beers and rich Belgium stouts.  We will also learn how to taste various types of beers, how beers are made, and a bit about each beer that we taste.

  • 30Sep

    Come to the Bath House for the PdOC monthly social on Tuesday 30 September from 7pm onwards!

  • 25Sep

    Charlie Chaplin shorts

  • 25Sep
    **** FULLY BOOKED ****
    The PdOC Society and Personal and Professional Development (PPD) are pleased to offer the masterclass:

    Life or Death Listening from the Hostage Negotiator:
    How to negotiate and influence for success  
  • 16Sep

    Welcome to the first PdOC Games Night!

  • 11Sep

    We are very pleased to announce that the next PdOC Formal Dinner will be at Hughes Hall on Thursday 11th September. This event is organised to give postdocs an experience of College life, as well as a great opportunity to meet other postdocs. 

  • 28Aug

    “The Night of the Living Dead”