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Postdocs of Cambridge Society


PdOC Day Trip: Wandlebury Country Park and Gog Magog Hills

This Saturday, PdOC will explore the Wandlebury country park and Gog Magog hills just outside the city. Join us to have one of the best views over Cambridge and, maybe, spot the Ely Cathedral!

We will meet at 10 am at the Espresso Library branch located in St Andrews Street (next to Grand Arcade) to grab a coffee and later split up into two groups: you can join some of us and cycle from there with other postdocs or opt to do the journey by bus (please, specify the option bus or bike when you fill the event form). The two groups will meet again at the Wandlebury car park upon arrival. From there, we will stroll around the park for a couple of hours and enjoy a picnic together for lunch (there's a coffee place inside the park with savoury and sweet snacks, but we recommend bringing your own lunch or check the options in advance).

After lunch, we will visit the Gog Magog farm shop and continue the trip to the Gog Magog Hills. We expect the day trip to last 6h (10 am - 4 pm) and there are buses every 30 min heading back towards Cambridge city centre. Please only choose the "bike option while signing up if you feel confident in cycling for up to 45 min each way.

Saturday, 16 October, 2021 - 10:00 to 16:00